Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Over The River And Through The Woods...To Compromise We Go!

I am mildly excited. Okay, I am totally nervous. We have finished for now our first room. Is anything ever really done?

I love this cozy room. It brings back memories of times when overnight guests were welcomed with homespun and quilts. A softer, gentler time. I hope the guests who stop over will find it so.

We call this room, "The Lodge Room". It is my husbands room in lieu of a man cave, lol.

I forget sometimes in my little ideal decorating world that there is a husband to consider. He is human and has likes and dislikes, he collects items, and he has a fondness for eagles and flying. Plus, he is a Spartan, harrumph!

The airplanes I could work with. But the eagles, now, that was a different subject. I said to my husband, "Husband, could you do without your eagles in our new home?" He said, "Wife, could you do without your craft room?:It was like the hand of God came down and wrote on the wall....

                                                                                                                                                                   There are little red airplanes ready to fly around the room, and framed souvenir programs from the Kern County Airshow. I was raised in Ridgecrest, California by the naval weapons center at China Lake. We got to see the Canadian Snowbirds, a top flight precision airplane drill team and I got to visit my old hometown. We saw the Snowbirds two years in a row.

Needless to say we compromised. I shut up and did my best to display his eagles and he gave me a room twice the size for my craft room. Really, he insisted. I love that guy.

I had an old bakers rack, voila', an old eagles rack
Our overnight guests will have a small cozy room to enjoy. I will have a large room with a work table I can walk around, woot!
Remember, I warned you about my quilt addiction!

I did not spend a dime on this room. I had everything from the old chippy iron bed, to the quilts. Mike had his eagles and airplane memorabilia. I made the curtains from some green pillow ticking fabric (love it), and the window blessing is a sweet little garland purchased long ago.

A little window blessing ("as long as it doesn't hang over the edges," says he) 

I love the old fashioned look of ticking. It was too bright outside to show you the true color.
                                                                                                                                                                               The room is pretty masculine, but I added some feminine touches just because. It makes me think of nature and God. God made the cliffs and mountains stark, strong, angular, masculine. Then he proceeded to soften the granite with lacy ferns, and delicate floral coverings. Male and female made He them.
I wish I could have captured the colors. The reds and greens are lovely together!
I know, I know, the curtains low like this are rather more French than English,
but I won't tell if you won't tell! So functional! They provide privacy from the street when the blinds are open. P.S. When my fortune arrives, lol. the first thing to go will be these awful vertical blinds.

Thank you Michael for my huge ol' craft room. This post's for you!

Blessings, Theresa



  1. Love your guest room. Love, love, love the eagles. Would not love dusting them but there is something about them that makes my heart soar. Maybe it is the scriptures that refer to Eagles. I adore quilts, I only have a few but they are precious to me because I remember the people who made them. Love the garland over the window and the low hung curtains. Great idea,I never would have thought of that one. I agree with you on the blinds, I have cheap mini blinds that don't cover the whole window but they are temporary. We are still waiting for workers to finish putting up molding and clalking. Our first room to be finished will be the laundry room simply because the washer and dryer have to be put in before the door can go on. Wishing you well.

  2. That room looks so cozy and I adore those little airplanes with the cute little chair to set them off. That was so sweet that you displayed his eagles, I too often forget that there are things they treasure and want them to be displayed. I sometimes make the mistake that my hubby really doesn't care what I put up and I need to consider his likes more in the home decor. Lovely room.

  3. It looks great Theresa and I love the eagles, planes, and quilts. You created a cozy room with lots of interesting things for your guests to look at and enjoy. The colors are very pretty to! Looking forward to your next reveal!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

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