Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control........

Isn't it always frustrating when you hear those words? It means something is not going right. Somethings broken. All is not well with the world.

Last Wednesday my father fell at 3:30 a.m. and broke his hip. He is 82, on dialysis 4 times a week, and has blood transfusions approximately every two weeks. As one of his caregivers, my world changed. 

Hospitals, operations, skilled nursing facilities, narcotics, medical transport companies, these are all game changers. There are no "time outs".

My big brother, bless his heart, really, bless his heart, bore the brunt of this episode. He is now exhausted, mentally, physically, and I wouldn't doubt a bit spiritually too.

Mobley is receiving her re-pipe, and I don't get to enjoy it with her. I am disappointed. I was on my way to be there for the joyous event, and got a call. "Dad is being moved to skilled nursing at three today". Game changer. All I wanted to do was make a simple pair of curtains for the guest bedroom. Game changer.

My dad is more important than Mobley ever will be I want to make that clear. But I so wanted to enjoy the busy industry of her re-plumb, knowing she will now come to life again and be our home.

Today I got on my knees and prayed. I thought of Geneva at "My Heart's Song", and her blog post on salt and light. She encouraged me greatly in an e-mail. Please visit her blog it's wonderful.

I was on my knees and I hear God speaking in my heart. I'm asking Him what to do, and why, why, why...... The gentle urging says II Timothy 2:10:
Therefore I endure everything for the sake of the elect, that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory        II Timothy 2:10 (NIV)
Perhaps, in the hospital, in the skilled nursing facility, in the dialysis center there is an elect (aren't we all the elect) needing to hear the salvation message. Maybe if I get my attitude right, God can use me or my poppa to reach the elect.
Please don't give up on Finding Grace, Going Mobile. We will arrive. We have already started the journey. But, due to circumstances beyond our control...........
Extreme blessings, Theresa

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hood, Hood O'er The Range

It's here. It arrived a week ahead of time. It's shiny, and there are no dents, dings or scratches. I think I'm in love!

The object of my affection? A brand new stainless steel range hood.

Here it is in all its shiny glory. The wall behind it is where my husband pulled off the linoleum someone tacked up with liquid nails. Now we have to scrape and prepare the wall for our back splash.

As you know I have a "zero" budget, but the old range hood was kaput, and so filthy I was afraid to touch it. When I told the contractor (remember the re-pipe story) the new one was on sale for $99.00 he said, "Buy it now!"  So I ordered it right then and there.  Thank you Lowes for the early arrival.

Be happy, very happy, I didn't take a shot of the underside. I think it has its own sludge community growing under there. GACK!

The best part is, I sold some china on Cottage Violets and it came up to the same amount the range hood cost, (minus 3 dollars). I have a notion God really is in this project, and if I begin to doubt I will think of my shiny new range hood, and the sold china.

Here's a little teaser. I sent for samples for the back splash. I won't tell you what the material is made of, but I'm pretty sure you won't guess.  I'm keeping my English country theme, (at Mobley's request) and the back splash D.I.Y. materials are now on their way from sunny Florida. The best part is I will have a custom back splash for under a hundred bucks.

Another little teaser! We almost have one room completely done. I need to hang some pictures and make the curtains. Then, we will be ready for our first reveal. I'm hoping you'll like it as much as we do. And so begins our mobile home renovation.

Spoiler Alert: lol.....When you've known me longer, you will know I love quilts.quilts, quilts, and more quilts. There will never be enough comfort giving, warmth bringing quilts in this old world.
Remember, nothing fancy for Mobley! Just cozy, cottagey, comfortable décor as much English country cottage as I can make it. A home that God graces with His presence, and an atmosphere that makes you want to sink into the sofa and stay!

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home"
All Hands to the Handiwork with Love, Theresa

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without

Ceekay from Thinkin' of Home, a wonderful, upwardly mobile blog, gave me a great piece of advice when I first started this adventure. She said, "Don't get rid of anything because you think it won't fit." That little piece of advice, huge in wisdom, has stayed with me these past weeks. Please check out her blog for a ton of fun.

Now it has proved fruitful. I have two 70's era chairs that first belonged to my mom, and then resided at the summer place we owned together at a nearby lake. When we sold that place, the chairs came to rest in my home.

I recovered one, and then life got too full of, well, life and they were pushed to the side. With our downsizing scheme (out of necessity), I planned to get rid of them posthaste. Then came Ceekay's advice. I assumed a wait and see attitude

Mobley has a breakfast counter off the kitchen (see photo). We were over there the other day, and the legendary light bulb went off in my head or over my head (I can't see up there so I don't know which).

Purse, camera case, husband, oh, and  counter
P.S. We have removed the pink paper towel holder, just sayin'.......

Would the chairs fit? Could I find the rest of the fabric and foam for the other chair. Yes, and again, Yes!

My long suffering (and I do mean that) husband promptly put them in the back of his pickup truck, and hauled them over for me. They fit, hallelujah.... No backless, armless barstools for Mobley. Nice, comfortable chairs that fit right up to the counter, at no cost to the pocketbook.

I think they are from my mom's Spanish Period, with the Home Interiors
Matador picture and the  plastic wall sconces with orange candles.
The style of the chair is still the same, but I "Englished" it up
with lovely tapestry, rose and panel upholstery fabric.
Here is a great quote from E. James Rohn, that talented motivational speaker from the 1960's:
Learn how to be happy
With what you have,
While you pursue,
All that you want
E. James Rohn
I must acknowledge "my wants" have changed. I hunger to remain debt free, and make our retirement years richer indeed. Yet, I yearn to live in beautiful surroundings. I can accomplish both with God, creativity, and industry. "All Hands to the Handiwork", that is my clarion call.

Blessings, Theresa

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finding Grace, Going Berserk

Berserk may be a little bit of an overstatement. However, the 2nd definition of berserk is "Operating in a wild or erratic way; out of control". My spending on craft supplies the last , hmmmm, 30 years could be defined by the word "berserk".

Yesterday I boxed up some of my fabric and craft supplies so we could move the California closet system to its new home. My goal, to completely empty the old closet. It seemed like such an insignificant little task. Harrumph, I am in shock as to the accumulation of stuff in said closet.

Here is the California Closet insert on the right and there's room for my two faithful Kenmore Sewing Companions. See the fabric I kind of threw in there for an example
Here is the one on the left, another tall cabinet with the bin module in the middle. Love the pull-out drawers, plus they are so sturdy. Great closet organizers by California Closets.

 I love the little shirt pull-outs. I fill them with rolled up fabric and can pull the drawer out to see what I want (left). Then, there is the laundry bin that I use for my batting and polyfil (right)

. These are such good pieces. Love those California Closet folks (not that I've met them personally, lol).

Not only, did I not empty the closet, by the time the day ended I was gifting others with my stuff (in my mind). I guess this wanting to give stuff away is really a way of keeping it. If we give it to "them" it is safe, lol....Are any of you guilty of this, too?

Anyhoo, we have decided (I use the term "we" loosely) to make the Craft Room our Decorating Central. Most of the projects for this house will start in this room.

8 X 8  feet of mirrored doors, eeeeeek.
Bland but a good sized craft room, yippee skippee

The immensity (is that a word?) of this task has begun to sink into my being, but I am playing the Pollyanna Glad Game with all my heart.

I am glad we will have a roof over our hoary heads. I am glad God is the head of this strange turn of events. I am glad I have Miss Sweetpea across the street, let the commiserating and celebrating begin. I am glad for our new pastor and his wife, and their enthusiasm and incredible love for God. Last but really not last, I am glad for a husband who puts up with my crazy, mercurial thoughts and actions.

Did I mention dear husband trimmed the arbor last week, and Mobley is sporting a new do. I think she could get a little proud of herself, we shall have to watch this tendency and nip it in the bud, lol.

Before                                                                                           After
I am sure Mobley wants to transform into English Country Cottage style, she keeps telling me in so many ways. Shall we let her have her way? I definitely think we shall!

What a back and forth post. I hope you can make sense of it. I am used to having lots of different thoughts vie for attention in my little brain.

I think this little saying captures the essence of "me":

"I was going to conquer the world today, but something glittery caught my eye!"
Sorry for the awful photoshop crop on my pix......

Blessings to you all, Theresa

Sunday, July 7, 2013

God's Immeasurable Grace

I was sitting in church some months ago. It had to be months because my sweet little mother was sitting right by my side (I miss you mum!).

Anyhoo, God whispered in my spirit. You know, you feel the words as opposed to hearing an audible voice. This is what He said, "The universe cannot contain me, but you  hold me in your heart". How awesome is that!
As I Prune, And Remove Certain Plantings Will I Be Pruned By God?

An immeasurable solar system full of world's and stars, planets and moons, not to mention a big burning sun of enormous proportions is too small to contain God. But here I am a puny, whiny, idiosyncratic human who can hold God in her heart. And I do hold God in my heart.

My Strawberry Bed is Full of Weeds, Grace Covers My Hearts Weeds!
I hope I can relay some of God's grace through Finding Grace, Going Mobile. Along the way, I wonder if God will transform me as we endeavor to transform Mobley into a lovely, cozy refuge for our senior years.
In Time, I Hope My Trees And Life Bear Much Beautiful Fruit!

Have a lovely, restful, grace filled Sunday.

As Always, Theresa

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sweetpea's At Graceland

All right, Sweetpea is my nickname for my cousin, and she named her mobile home Graceland. No, not after Elvis Presley's home, (although she was talking about a sequined jumpsuit and air guitar the other day), but after God's own amazing grace.

Graceland: A Right Cozy Place, Very Feminine Inside

As you know I named my mobile home, Mobley, which raised my husband's eyebrows considerably. Anyway, my cousin tells me she named her house, Graceland. Not after Elvis, says I. No, says she,
after God's grace and the events that lead up to her becoming the owner of her own little cozy cottage.

Huge Backyard, Can't Wait For The Re-do: Of Course, I'll Share! 

The moral of this story is goobers are usually related to goobers. These are pictures of Sweetpea's little cozy cottage. And be sure to notice the fake plant in the front yard. We can't figure it out, but are planning a ceremony to TAKE IT OUT!

Right There In The Middle, All Awkward Green, Ick!
Meanwhile, back at Mobley we are awaiting the arrival of knights on white chargers to change the plumbing so we can get started on our adventure. The house was approximately 112 degrees inside the other day, so this gal is not risking her life until its under 90 degrees, lol.....

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me......working in a 112 degree house does not strengthen me.