Thursday, July 18, 2013

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do, Or Do Without

Ceekay from Thinkin' of Home, a wonderful, upwardly mobile blog, gave me a great piece of advice when I first started this adventure. She said, "Don't get rid of anything because you think it won't fit." That little piece of advice, huge in wisdom, has stayed with me these past weeks. Please check out her blog for a ton of fun.

Now it has proved fruitful. I have two 70's era chairs that first belonged to my mom, and then resided at the summer place we owned together at a nearby lake. When we sold that place, the chairs came to rest in my home.

I recovered one, and then life got too full of, well, life and they were pushed to the side. With our downsizing scheme (out of necessity), I planned to get rid of them posthaste. Then came Ceekay's advice. I assumed a wait and see attitude

Mobley has a breakfast counter off the kitchen (see photo). We were over there the other day, and the legendary light bulb went off in my head or over my head (I can't see up there so I don't know which).

Purse, camera case, husband, oh, and  counter
P.S. We have removed the pink paper towel holder, just sayin'.......

Would the chairs fit? Could I find the rest of the fabric and foam for the other chair. Yes, and again, Yes!

My long suffering (and I do mean that) husband promptly put them in the back of his pickup truck, and hauled them over for me. They fit, hallelujah.... No backless, armless barstools for Mobley. Nice, comfortable chairs that fit right up to the counter, at no cost to the pocketbook.

I think they are from my mom's Spanish Period, with the Home Interiors
Matador picture and the  plastic wall sconces with orange candles.
The style of the chair is still the same, but I "Englished" it up
with lovely tapestry, rose and panel upholstery fabric.
Here is a great quote from E. James Rohn, that talented motivational speaker from the 1960's:
Learn how to be happy
With what you have,
While you pursue,
All that you want
E. James Rohn
I must acknowledge "my wants" have changed. I hunger to remain debt free, and make our retirement years richer indeed. Yet, I yearn to live in beautiful surroundings. I can accomplish both with God, creativity, and industry. "All Hands to the Handiwork", that is my clarion call.

Blessings, Theresa


  1. I believe the change in chair fabric is so YOU, Ms Theresa...And I also believe you have given thought and prayer to the days ahead. I am certain you shall be much blessed in your endeavors. Debt is truly a worldly chain...

    1. Leave it to you Miss Muse to have the perfect words, "a worldly chain" indeed. A chain around one's neck with a mighty millstone being dragged behind!

  2. I like those chairs. And I so remember the Home Interior and Spanish stage. I had swords crossed over our bed....I don't know...seemed good at the time! Glad to see things keep moving along!!

    1. I was so happy these chairs fit. My mom just passed away in March, and they make me think of all the times we sat in them up at the lake playing cards with our beautiful view of the Sierra Nevadas.

  3. I love this post. I love your excitement about the chairs. I love Mobley's bar area!!! What an awesome place! Theresa, I'm so blessed to have found your blog. I look forward to seeing each new post. I remember the Home Interior plastic decor. I still have some of it. Plastic butterflies I think. Hummm wonder where they are. I've added a couple of posts since your last comment on my blog with more pictures just for you.


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