Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sweetpea's At Graceland

All right, Sweetpea is my nickname for my cousin, and she named her mobile home Graceland. No, not after Elvis Presley's home, (although she was talking about a sequined jumpsuit and air guitar the other day), but after God's own amazing grace.

Graceland: A Right Cozy Place, Very Feminine Inside

As you know I named my mobile home, Mobley, which raised my husband's eyebrows considerably. Anyway, my cousin tells me she named her house, Graceland. Not after Elvis, says I. No, says she,
after God's grace and the events that lead up to her becoming the owner of her own little cozy cottage.

Huge Backyard, Can't Wait For The Re-do: Of Course, I'll Share! 

The moral of this story is goobers are usually related to goobers. These are pictures of Sweetpea's little cozy cottage. And be sure to notice the fake plant in the front yard. We can't figure it out, but are planning a ceremony to TAKE IT OUT!

Right There In The Middle, All Awkward Green, Ick!
Meanwhile, back at Mobley we are awaiting the arrival of knights on white chargers to change the plumbing so we can get started on our adventure. The house was approximately 112 degrees inside the other day, so this gal is not risking her life until its under 90 degrees, lol.....

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me......working in a 112 degree house does not strengthen me.



  1. Graceland looks like a cozy place to live too. I don't blame you for not working on Mobley in 112 degree heat! Oh my...:( Hopefully it will cool off a little soon. When do you think you will move in?

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Our plumbing contractor had one of his guys stop by and make a temporary repair so we could have air, yay! It cooled down 30 degrees in 30 minutes. We won't be moving in for awhile. Thank you!

      Smiles, Theresa

  2. Hi Theresa, I've just read all your posts and smiled that it took three years for you to calm down do that He could start work for you. I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventure on getting Mobey just how you want it (and a little cooler in these hot months!). From your newest follower. Chel x

    1. Thanks Chel C. Yes, I am a stubborn follower, and sometimes my pride gets in the way, lol. Thanks for following my little blog, your blog is lovely and your photography is wonderful.

      Here's to adventure! Theresa

  3. Thank you for sharing Graceland with us ... Love her yard! 112º WOW! Take care of yourself Theresa; we're looking forward to your updates on Mobley.

    1. Geneva, I am so inspired by your mobile home transformation, I stop by every chance I get to gawk, lol...... Thank you!


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