Sunday, July 7, 2013

God's Immeasurable Grace

I was sitting in church some months ago. It had to be months because my sweet little mother was sitting right by my side (I miss you mum!).

Anyhoo, God whispered in my spirit. You know, you feel the words as opposed to hearing an audible voice. This is what He said, "The universe cannot contain me, but you  hold me in your heart". How awesome is that!
As I Prune, And Remove Certain Plantings Will I Be Pruned By God?

An immeasurable solar system full of world's and stars, planets and moons, not to mention a big burning sun of enormous proportions is too small to contain God. But here I am a puny, whiny, idiosyncratic human who can hold God in her heart. And I do hold God in my heart.

My Strawberry Bed is Full of Weeds, Grace Covers My Hearts Weeds!
I hope I can relay some of God's grace through Finding Grace, Going Mobile. Along the way, I wonder if God will transform me as we endeavor to transform Mobley into a lovely, cozy refuge for our senior years.
In Time, I Hope My Trees And Life Bear Much Beautiful Fruit!

Have a lovely, restful, grace filled Sunday.

As Always, Theresa


  1. Teresa, we must be twins who were separated at birth. I did a very similar post today.

    1. Oooh, I can't wait to read it. Maybe you're my much younger twin, lol.....

      Smiles, Theresa

  2. Lovely and thought provoking post! Enjoyed my visit!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!

      Blessings, Theresa

    2. I ever so loved reading your post today~ Feeling your connection to the greater peace that comes from knowing Him.

  3. What a beautiful "Heart" felt post! I loved every word Theresa!

    1. I am just so thankful God puts up with me!

      Thank you, Theresa


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