Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finding Grace, Going Berserk

Berserk may be a little bit of an overstatement. However, the 2nd definition of berserk is "Operating in a wild or erratic way; out of control". My spending on craft supplies the last , hmmmm, 30 years could be defined by the word "berserk".

Yesterday I boxed up some of my fabric and craft supplies so we could move the California closet system to its new home. My goal, to completely empty the old closet. It seemed like such an insignificant little task. Harrumph, I am in shock as to the accumulation of stuff in said closet.

Here is the California Closet insert on the right and there's room for my two faithful Kenmore Sewing Companions. See the fabric I kind of threw in there for an example
Here is the one on the left, another tall cabinet with the bin module in the middle. Love the pull-out drawers, plus they are so sturdy. Great closet organizers by California Closets.

 I love the little shirt pull-outs. I fill them with rolled up fabric and can pull the drawer out to see what I want (left). Then, there is the laundry bin that I use for my batting and polyfil (right)

. These are such good pieces. Love those California Closet folks (not that I've met them personally, lol).

Not only, did I not empty the closet, by the time the day ended I was gifting others with my stuff (in my mind). I guess this wanting to give stuff away is really a way of keeping it. If we give it to "them" it is safe, lol....Are any of you guilty of this, too?

Anyhoo, we have decided (I use the term "we" loosely) to make the Craft Room our Decorating Central. Most of the projects for this house will start in this room.

8 X 8  feet of mirrored doors, eeeeeek.
Bland but a good sized craft room, yippee skippee

The immensity (is that a word?) of this task has begun to sink into my being, but I am playing the Pollyanna Glad Game with all my heart.

I am glad we will have a roof over our hoary heads. I am glad God is the head of this strange turn of events. I am glad I have Miss Sweetpea across the street, let the commiserating and celebrating begin. I am glad for our new pastor and his wife, and their enthusiasm and incredible love for God. Last but really not last, I am glad for a husband who puts up with my crazy, mercurial thoughts and actions.

Did I mention dear husband trimmed the arbor last week, and Mobley is sporting a new do. I think she could get a little proud of herself, we shall have to watch this tendency and nip it in the bud, lol.

Before                                                                                           After
I am sure Mobley wants to transform into English Country Cottage style, she keeps telling me in so many ways. Shall we let her have her way? I definitely think we shall!

What a back and forth post. I hope you can make sense of it. I am used to having lots of different thoughts vie for attention in my little brain.

I think this little saying captures the essence of "me":

"I was going to conquer the world today, but something glittery caught my eye!"
Sorry for the awful photoshop crop on my pix......

Blessings to you all, Theresa


  1. I love your California Closet pieces. They look like they would hold a ton of stuff! Looking forward to seeing some of the things you create in your room! Oh....the arbor looks great...:) Have a blessed Sunday!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. We bought them on sale at Target when they were selling them there around 10 years ago. So sturdy, and great organizers. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoying your guest bloggers, but can't wait to see if you snagged some goodies on your travels, lol.

    Thanks, Theresa

  3. Love the closet system. Love Mobley's new do.

    1. This is the most efficient system I've ever had (as long as I don't "junk" it up, lol.

      Thanks, Theresa

  4. Love you dreamy closet system and LOVE that you have an entire craft room and I LOVE that you played the Pollyanna "Glad Game"...this was a fun post!

    1. The Disney movie was so good, I read the book and the sequel. Thanks for stopping by!

      I'm really "glad" you did! Theresa ~smiles~

  5. See, what a crack are in the reality of resetting up a life....and I read hoary heads and cracked many people you think really know what you are talking about????

    1. I always wanted to use hoary heads in a sentence ever since I read it in the bible. It just seemed to fit, lol..... If I made you laugh it was well worth it!


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