Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tennis In The Park Anyone?

Okay, this is just too interesting to me. Mobley is located in a 55+ park mobile estate that has an interesting history. Built in the 1970's on the outskirts of town, it is where the oil executives parked, lol, their elderly parents. The best mobiles, the best clubhouse, spacious yards, and close proximity to the upscale neighborhood of the oil folks.

If you were alive in the 70's you know tennis was hugely popular. Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors, teen heart throbs, engaged, not engaged. Wimbledon, the French Open, and Flushing Meadow, tennis at its finest.  Well, this place had regulation size tennis courts, and the streets are named after tennis terms. Love Lane, Set Lane, and then there's Vilas Lane.

Do you remember Guillermo Vilas, the Venezuelan tennis star, with his long flowing locks and left handed swing? Well, he has the distinction of being the only tennis star with a street in the park  named after him. I think someone had a crush, just sayin........

The Young Bull of the Pampas ~ Guillermo Vilas

There is a club house beside the tennis courts, and it's been rumored that some of the Hollywood set used to play on the courts and have drinks in the lounge. How amazing is that! Oil folks knew folks!

The tennis courts cost way too much to maintain, so they're slated to be replaced with you guessed it, more homes. The clubhouse is now an exercise center and recreation room. But the stuff that dreams are made of is still here.

Though its heyday is past, this is still the nicest park in town. It's still on the outskirts of town and has the nicest amenities, and the nicest people.

The curious part is younger folks are moving in. The under 60 crowd wants to downsize, and live debt free at retirement. The pendulum has swung, and keeping up with the Joneses might just involve a vegetable garden and renovated mobile home. All hail Joneses wherever you are!

I hope I can help Mobley be a star. When I'm through perhaps, it'll be a matter of Game, Set, and Match! She's already a star in my eyes.

Blessings, Theresa

Monday, June 24, 2013

Extreme Pipe Dreams

Well, Mobley is officially ours. Escrow closed, lease signed, it's all hands to the handiwork.

First and foremost we must replace the plumbing. There is a little problem with "Gray Pipe", and it was recalled in 1995. Needless to say, the previous owners ignored the recall or simply didn't open their mail, lol. The inspector said repairing the leaks would only cause leaks elsewhere, so it's all new pipes.

So, our first official act as Mobley's parents owners is to replace all her pipes stem to stern. We knew of this prior to purchasing our mobile, so we were prepared.

I won't show pictures of the re-pipe, as I refuse to crawl underneath the house. But here is a picture of the offending pipe, all neatly stacked, as though it didn't cause any heartache at all.
Naughty Pipe, Naughty
We now begin our journey, starting anew at our ages, lol. But God is at the helm, and this ship is going forward into uncharted territory with wind in the sails and adventures to be had.
Breathe a prayer for us if you will,
We'll be the better for it!
Blessings, Theresa

P.S. We are hiring a licensed plumber to do the re-pipe lest you think we attempted said work, lol.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Buffets For Storage ~ I Found A Dream

Now, mobile homes are not known for storage. So, I must have a buffet for linens, right? This is what I told Mr. Winter, rather husband.

Then I began the search. It didn't take long until I found the buffet of my dreams. It's official name is the Finch Fine Furniture Antique Buffet, and I found it on a great website called Studio 1404.

I contacted the owner, Amanda, and she graciously consented to let me use her photo.

Studio 1404
Isn't she Splendiferous, Yummy, Beautiful? Yes, she is!
Sadly, Studio 1404 is located in West Bottoms, Kansas City, Missouri, and I am in California. I'm sure it was snatched up long ago anyway. So, now the hunt for another Finch Fine Furniture Antique Buffet is on.
There is even a secret to this lovely buffet. The top looks like an ornamental overhang but it is really two hidden drawers. Be still my beating heart! I wanted to crop it up close for you, but I think the photo is protected. It wouldn't let me change it one bit......
 I pinned it to my Finding Grace, Going Mobile board, and it has already been re-pinned three times today. A true piece of perfection! Thank you Amanda for allowing me to share.
Be sure to visit Amanda at Studio 1404 on Facebook, too. She always has something going on for her customers and friends.
Blessings, Theresa


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi~ Meet Mobley

Well, my geekiness is coming out. I named our M.H. Her new name is Mobley. Every grand dame deserves a name, and she is going to be grand. I think she wants to grow up to be an English cottage, all comfy and cozy.

I know I'm a "goob". However, I have decided to revel in my gooberdom (is that a word?).

I went shopping in my little webstore, Cottage Violets, and bought a present for Mobley. I came up with just the right gift. Here it is:

A Perfect Little Sign for My New Garden Gate
Now, if escrow will just close, the adventure will begin. I admit,  I am not as handy as Geneva at My Heart's Song, or Ceekay at Thinkin' of Home, or Teresa at Magazine Your Home, or Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage, but I'm gonna try!
Besides, it says in the word, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. By the way, you can visit the aforementioned ladies by clicking their blog names on the right sidebar. They are all interesting and unique, with beautiful mobiles.
Blessings, Theresa

Sunday, June 16, 2013

In The Beginning........

Let's see, where do I start. Oh yes, during the last three years my life fell apart. I became unemployed, my husband was forced to retire, my parents, in their 80's, required in-home care, then my mother, my total bestie, suddenly passed away.

 My husband and I still stay with my father 5 days a week, and see our house on the weekends. Oh, did I mention we are doing a short sale on that house? Who needs the big earthquake, California's already underwater, at least most of the houses are!

I did the requisite amount of crying, yelling at God, blaming others, and on and on and on.

God just waited till I calmed down. It took me three years! Then he applied mercy and gave me GRACE. A big huge heaping helping of God's awesome grace.

My husband and I decided to look at mobile homes in the 55+ park where his father lives. I said park, they are called "Mobile Estates", lol.  We found a 1982 Double Wide at a reasonable price (less than a new car, lol).

Voila, as I speak we are in escrow! Soon, it will be all hands to the handiwork!

Here She Is ~ Waiting For A Makeover
I Love The Entrance ~ It's Due For A Trim
I wanted to direct you to three other blogs that are a total source of inspiration to me! Ceekay at  Thinking of Home, Geneva at My Heart's Song, and Teresa at Magazine Your Home. Their links are on my sidebar blog roll.

P.S. My cousin, friends for life, bought the mobile home across the street on the same day! Yay!

Cute As A Bug ~ Just Like My Cousin

Let the journey begin!

P.S. The name of the street is Love Lane. God has a sense of humor!

Blessings , Theresa