Sunday, June 16, 2013

In The Beginning........

Let's see, where do I start. Oh yes, during the last three years my life fell apart. I became unemployed, my husband was forced to retire, my parents, in their 80's, required in-home care, then my mother, my total bestie, suddenly passed away.

 My husband and I still stay with my father 5 days a week, and see our house on the weekends. Oh, did I mention we are doing a short sale on that house? Who needs the big earthquake, California's already underwater, at least most of the houses are!

I did the requisite amount of crying, yelling at God, blaming others, and on and on and on.

God just waited till I calmed down. It took me three years! Then he applied mercy and gave me GRACE. A big huge heaping helping of God's awesome grace.

My husband and I decided to look at mobile homes in the 55+ park where his father lives. I said park, they are called "Mobile Estates", lol.  We found a 1982 Double Wide at a reasonable price (less than a new car, lol).

Voila, as I speak we are in escrow! Soon, it will be all hands to the handiwork!

Here She Is ~ Waiting For A Makeover
I Love The Entrance ~ It's Due For A Trim
I wanted to direct you to three other blogs that are a total source of inspiration to me! Ceekay at  Thinking of Home, Geneva at My Heart's Song, and Teresa at Magazine Your Home. Their links are on my sidebar blog roll.

P.S. My cousin, friends for life, bought the mobile home across the street on the same day! Yay!

Cute As A Bug ~ Just Like My Cousin

Let the journey begin!

P.S. The name of the street is Love Lane. God has a sense of humor!

Blessings , Theresa

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