Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi~ Meet Mobley

Well, my geekiness is coming out. I named our M.H. Her new name is Mobley. Every grand dame deserves a name, and she is going to be grand. I think she wants to grow up to be an English cottage, all comfy and cozy.

I know I'm a "goob". However, I have decided to revel in my gooberdom (is that a word?).

I went shopping in my little webstore, Cottage Violets, and bought a present for Mobley. I came up with just the right gift. Here it is:

A Perfect Little Sign for My New Garden Gate
Now, if escrow will just close, the adventure will begin. I admit,  I am not as handy as Geneva at My Heart's Song, or Ceekay at Thinkin' of Home, or Teresa at Magazine Your Home, or Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage, but I'm gonna try!
Besides, it says in the word, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. By the way, you can visit the aforementioned ladies by clicking their blog names on the right sidebar. They are all interesting and unique, with beautiful mobiles.
Blessings, Theresa


  1. Congratulations on your new blog and I can't wait for your escrow to close so you can get busy. Mobley alredy has character and with your personal touch it will be a beautiful home in no time.
    I'll certainly look forward to your updates!

    1. Thank you Geneva, your personality certainly comes through on your blog. It's a treat to read! I also believe in those whispers from God!

  2. Aww, thank you Theresa for the sweet mention :) I know your Mobley is going to be gorgeous! She is off to a wonderful start and I really love your garden plaque. I'm so excited to see how you transform her into your English Cottage. Yes through HIM you can do all things. So happy you have this blog!



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