Monday, July 22, 2013

Hood, Hood O'er The Range

It's here. It arrived a week ahead of time. It's shiny, and there are no dents, dings or scratches. I think I'm in love!

The object of my affection? A brand new stainless steel range hood.

Here it is in all its shiny glory. The wall behind it is where my husband pulled off the linoleum someone tacked up with liquid nails. Now we have to scrape and prepare the wall for our back splash.

As you know I have a "zero" budget, but the old range hood was kaput, and so filthy I was afraid to touch it. When I told the contractor (remember the re-pipe story) the new one was on sale for $99.00 he said, "Buy it now!"  So I ordered it right then and there.  Thank you Lowes for the early arrival.

Be happy, very happy, I didn't take a shot of the underside. I think it has its own sludge community growing under there. GACK!

The best part is, I sold some china on Cottage Violets and it came up to the same amount the range hood cost, (minus 3 dollars). I have a notion God really is in this project, and if I begin to doubt I will think of my shiny new range hood, and the sold china.

Here's a little teaser. I sent for samples for the back splash. I won't tell you what the material is made of, but I'm pretty sure you won't guess.  I'm keeping my English country theme, (at Mobley's request) and the back splash D.I.Y. materials are now on their way from sunny Florida. The best part is I will have a custom back splash for under a hundred bucks.

Another little teaser! We almost have one room completely done. I need to hang some pictures and make the curtains. Then, we will be ready for our first reveal. I'm hoping you'll like it as much as we do. And so begins our mobile home renovation.

Spoiler Alert: lol.....When you've known me longer, you will know I love quilts.quilts, quilts, and more quilts. There will never be enough comfort giving, warmth bringing quilts in this old world.
Remember, nothing fancy for Mobley! Just cozy, cottagey, comfortable décor as much English country cottage as I can make it. A home that God graces with His presence, and an atmosphere that makes you want to sink into the sofa and stay!

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home"
All Hands to the Handiwork with Love, Theresa


  1. I am anxious to see your first reveal and I am dying to know what you are using for backsplash! Can't wait...:) I went to visit your Cottage Violets blog...are all the things you are selling your personal pieces? If so, wow! You have some beautiful things. I love Hammersley Victorian Violets and hope one day to own some dinner plates or at least dessert plates. I have the most gorgeous teapot and a couple other pieces. I also love Grandmother's Rose and have a couple pieces of it as well. Gorgeous...:) I wrote a post about my violets back in February I think. You can see my teapot there. Impatiently waiting for your next update on Mobley!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. I love your new range hood too, and I loved hearing how you were able to sell some things to pay for it. What a Blessing! Can't wait to see your new backsplash...I'm so curious! And, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your reveal! Great Job Theresa!


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