Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Conquering The Kitchen

I was interested in the word "kitchen". So, being me, I googled it. It comes from the Latin "coquere" , which means "to cook". Then it got all mangled and we ended up with the word "kitchen" in English. Well, the Latin word "coquere" is really close to the word "conquer" if you ask me. And that is what we had to do in Mobley. Conquer the Kitchen!

Here are some before and after pictures. Now, remember we are working on a zero budget, and I wouldn't call myself a big d.i.y. girl, rather a Queen of Camouflage.

We spent a total of $300.00 dollars in the kitchen, ahem, the majority of our decorating budget for the entire house. The lion's share went for the range hood and backsplash. The rest went to paint. Paint, I might add, is no longer $6.99 a gallon for the good stuff, lol...Oh yes, $15.00 for cabinet pulls

The old range hood with rotten backsplash removed

New range hood in pretty stainless steel

Old backsplash, yep, linoleum falling off the wall, gross.
New backsplash, lovely ceiling tin tiles with a quaint fleur-de-lis pattern

The wall phone cord was heavily painted to the wall, yikes.

Cupboard in front of newly patched and painted wall in soothing white
Old cupboard in front of bilious yellow wall
I used a poster to cover the doors, and painted the cupboard white to blend into the new wall to make this little kitchen o' mine look bigger. Plus this cupboard holds most of my small appliances. Woot!
We had to move the kitchen cabinet up three inches to accommodate our refrigerator, so I camouflaged it with a big basket (holding cookie cutters and muffin liners) and a lovely old bowl filled with geraniums. It really brightens the kitchen, I love flowers.

I had some pretty Waverly fabric from the 1980's called "Geranium Leaves" (I think), so I sewed up a little 26" doubled sided curtain. This way I get a lot of light in the kitchen, and the neighbor gets to see my lovely fabric. Aren't I nice? Yes, yes, I am.

Here is Mr. Mobley, my d.h., preparing the cabinets to be removed. You can't tell but this yellow the kitchen was painted  was hideous, bilious yellow, (ie bile, ick). The original white fridge, and the awful hideous backsplash and filthy range hood that came with Mobley......

Now it is our neat sweet calming white kitchen, with our lovely new backsplash and range hood. Oh yes, we had to put on new drawer handles to hide the holes in the cabinets where the others had bored through. We renovated, well maybe camouflaged, this kitchen for $300.00 dollars. We used our old appliances. The kitchen cupboard was a piece I earned painting wooden bunny plaques in the 1980's.. Egads! I left a tissue box in the photo, a sign of the weather, lol......

I wish you could all come and see Mobley in person. She is quite a lady, well seasoned, a trifle mature, and full of God's spirit.

Blessings to all, Theresa



  1. Love your new kitchen. Mine is in the beginning stages. It will not stop raining long enough to get the cabinets outside to spray. The rest of the house is done except for the kitchen/den and pantry. Love what you did with the posters!!! Great idea.

  2. Teresa....this is just lovely! I found myself wanting to click the "Like" button after every "After" picture you posted....lol Does that mean I'm on Facebook way too much? ~Deb (Deb's Cozy Cottage)


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